Current Students

Currently, we are supporting two students.
1. Nawang Tenzen Hyolmo
Nawang Tenzen Hyolmo Nawang is a laborious boy currently studying at Yangrima Boarding School, Sermathang, Helambu. Since his mother expired a few weeks back he is now struggling to continue his study at the school. The situation is worst as his family’s economic condition is very poor, his father is a disabled person (he can't walk on his legs) and his elder brother couldn’t support him as he too got into an accident recently and lost his finger. His elder sisters are also struggling to continue their studies. Both of his sisters are too young and they are also struggling hard to pursue their own secondary educations at Ktm. It will be worthwhile if we could manage something to support him to continue his study. He is currently commuting from his home which is about 30min far away from school. We couldn’t even manage to make him stay at the school’s hostel due to the cost that the school has to bear. The total annual cost for his education at this school is NRs. 24500( NRs. 6500 admission and NRs. 1500 monthly tuition fee).

2. Chhiring Dolma Hyolmo
Chhiring Hyolmo We have been funding her education and hostel fees since grade 7. She almost gave up her study after the earthquake due to poor economic condition. Thanks to our friends that now she is in grade 11. We will be funding her education until 11 only, and after that she is confident enough to get a job that could support her study.
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