Yangrima Community Boarding School, Helambu


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Inside the class


Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of the mind to think. - Albert Einstein

We are a group of friends, and friends of friends trying our best to contribute to the education sector of Nepal. We believe that the conventional education system is giving very less opportunity for creativity. Here we are giving best to explore the part beyond the book. We further welcome any suggestion that could help make the government school's education better.

Besides that, we are also helping the underprivileged students by contributing to their education fees. The devastating earthquake of 2015 has greatly affected the economy of many households. While people are still struggling for the house to live in, many students have to leave their studies for obvious reason. And, many of them have already left for golf countries, for cheap labor job. We want to help such students in need. 

With this page, we intend to bring together all participants in the platform and looking forward for further suggestions. Also, we want to show the account details and remain transparent about our every deed.  

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